Welcome to Buddhist Artifacts. We are western Buddhists working cooperatively with Tibetan Buddhists (residing within the Himalayas) to provide museum-quality, spiritually powerful devotional artifacts worldwide.

We offer a wide variety of beautiful, unique, and many one-of-a-kind artifacts including prayer flags, malas, wheels and gaus; Buddhist statues; ritual artifacts; sacred paintings, instruments, furniture, decorative items, magic amulets, Dzi stone beads, and temple architecture; Hindu deities; Himalayan singing bowls, and a nice selection of contemporary Tibetan items.

In addition to our beautiful selection of unique artifacts, we offer Sacred Sounds Workshops, an immersion in sacred sound applications and practices. You will learn how sound can heal and transform. Workshop participants will personally explore vibrational healing techniques, history and Dharma teachings while using these remarkable instruments.

Our pledge is to provide culturally significant items from around the world at the best possible prices. It is our intention to further understanding between cultures, contribute to world understanding, co-operation and peace. We work with artisans, collectors and closely within the communities.

It is our hope to promote the compassionate understanding intrinsic within the Dharma. Each transaction is conducted honorably and a high percentage of the money collected returns to Tibetans in their communities.


Richard M. Rudis (Karma Sonam Dorje)