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Vajrasattva (Vajra Hero)
Culture: Buddhist     
Country of Origin : Tibet     
Artifact Age: 20th Century

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Is the Bodhisattva of purification; an aspect of Buddha Vajradhara and shares the essential nature of Shakyamuni Buddha. Here he is seated on a moon disc on a white lotus with his torso gracefully curved to our left in the dancer's pose. His legs are crossed in the vajra position. In his right hand he holds a Vajra to his heart and in his left, at his hip he holds a upturned Ganta. His face is gentle, and luminescent and his radiates that of a rainbow. This rupa is made of copper with coral and turquoise beads. Size: 16.5 tall x 5 across x 3.75 deep - (09/07#10) - larger photos are available

Price: $900.00 + shipping
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