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Richard Rudis created the first original Gong Bath™ experience twenty years ago and has performed over 1,000 Gong Baths in the US & internationally helping well over 35,000 participants. Using principles of Vajrayana Buddhism, specific sacred geometry, mathematics & instrumentation a dynamic meditative experience is created where each participant is acoustically guided, via harmonic overtones, into realms of physical well-being, emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness. Carefully designed vibrational constructs are used to further entice the brain into Alpha/Theta/Delta wave-scapes of creativity, relaxation and enrichment. A sound healing pioneer with thirty years of Buddhist scholarship. His extensive collaboration with other sound healing researchers and studies in Eastern energy healing have resulted in the development of a unique sacred sound healing techniques known as a 'Gong Bath™, holding the trade mark since 2008. Currently he is writing a book on this subject including specialized playing techniques and supportive philosophies. (see; https://www.youtube.com/user/Sonamdorje for video tutorials and www.sacredsoundgongbath.com for further details).   *please note: the term Gong Bath™ may only be used by Richard Rudis  
www.sacredsoundgongbath.com    rudis10@cox.net

Chicago Gong Bath™ Tour 
April 13th - 21st  listed 
Sacred Geometry Vessels Based on the geometry of the ‘Platonic Solids’ and following the Tibetan Chakra map along the ‘Divine Scale (Golden Ratio) will awaken and enhance the five energy centers, adding a Sphere as a representation of ‘Oneness’ .  
Healing    individual locations

‘Cube'/Root Chakra w/ 2 Gongs’ (60m) 
Saturday, April 13 @ 7:00 pm  Yoga View, 2211 N Elston Ave # 200  7:00 pm
Sacred Geometry - ‘Cube (Hexahedron)’ representing the Earth Element/Root Chakra A ‘Gong Bath™’ is an unique blend of sound healing techniques and sacred geometry- using two Earth Gongs (M/F). Multi-tonal overtones (healing vibrations) and harmonic matrix that will evoke natural healing of mind, body and spirit. Anticipate healing, awakenings and miracles. The theme will be Physical Empowerment * bring a mat and blanket for comfort. 
Healing    (773) 342-9642    www.yogaview.com

‘Torus energy’ Healing Gong Bath™ - (90 Minute) 
Sunday, April 14 @ 7:pm  Infinity Foundation, Highland Park  7 pm
new old Location; 1282 Old Skokie Valley Rd #1, Highland Park, IL - Find peace of mind in Sound healing with Gong Bath pioneer Richard Rudis returns for a special night of sound healing. The 38" Ghia Gong leads the way with a classic 'Gong Bath'(this experience is transformational and profoundly healing).(seated pose) 
Healing    (847) 831 8828    http://www.infinityfoundation.org/courses/arts-exp

‘Full Spectrum Healing’ Gong Bath™ (90 m) 
Sunday, April 14 @ 1 pm  Edwards Health @ 7 bridges, Woodridge, Il  1:00 pm
address: 6600 S. Route 53, Woodridge. A dynamic meditative experience of Sacred Sound overtones and harmonics that touch the realms where emotional balance, cellular healing, energy completion and spiritual awareness are realized and expanded. “Ease the mind into sanctuary” bring a mat & blanket for comfort 
healing    Jenny @ (630) 646 7913   

Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras (1 hr.) 
Tuesday, April 16 @ 7pm  Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio/Evanston  7:00pm
address: 2746 Central St, Evanston, IL- Sacred Geometry - ‘Tetrahedron’ representing the Fire Element/Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras. A dynamic meditative concert which acoustically guides each participant via harmonic overtones into realms of spiritual well-being, emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness.  
healing    (847) 475-1500    info@heavenmeetsearthyoga.com

Heart Chakra/Gong Bath™ (1 hr.) 
Wednesday, April 17 @ 7:pm  Elgin, IL.  7:00pm
address: 783 W Highland Ave. - Sacred Geometry/Icosahedron’ representing the Water Element/Heart Chakra Open your heart to ever deeper compassion and understanding with the sacred sound overtones of the Earth Gong. Bring a mat and blanket for comfort. 
Healing    Irene @ 847 638-7247    abundant.1@sbcglobal.net

Throat Chakra Gong Bath™ 2 gongs 
Thursday, April 18 @ 7pm  Yoga View, (Wilmette)  7:00pm
address: 1231 Green Bay Rd. Wilmette - Sacred Geometry/‘Octahedron’ representing the Air Element/Throat Chakra. Find your truth expression within the poly-tonal experience of Sacred Sound.  
(847) 919-0533   

Third Eye Chakra/Gong Bath™ (1 hr.) 
Friday;April 19 @ 7:00pm  Theosophical Soc. 1926 N. Main, Wheaton, Il  7:00 pm
Healing waves of sacred geometric the Dodecahedron’ representing the Universe Element/Third Eye Chakra - composed to empower a healthy mind, body and spirit in a powerful rooting experience. The Theosophical campus is rich in history and transforming energy - a special place - Bring a blanket & mat for comfort.  
Experience healing Vibrations    630-668-1571, ext.315    info@theosophical.org

Gong Workshop Intensive 
Saturday, April 20 from 1: to 4:pm  Andy's Music; Chicago  1 - 4 pm
address: 3139 N. Elston Street, Chicago, Il. 60618 rare Gong teaching opportunity - Overview of specific playing techniques using personal Chi, sacred geometric forms, mallets, tonal regions and working exercises with Richard Rudis. A large variety of quality gongs are available for practice and purchase. *Workshop will be followed by Gong & Piano Sound Experience/Performance contact Rudis10@cox.net for further detail 
training    Andy @ 773 318 6050    andy@andysmusicchicago.com

Tantric Union/Soma Chakra/Gong Bath™ (90m) 
Saturday, April 20 @ 7:00 pm  Yoga Now - 742 N La Salle Dr, Chicago  7:00 pm
At the 'Yoga Now' Studios - 742 N La Salle Dr Chicago - ‘Infinity symbol’ ∞ (the lemniscate)’ representing the Tantric Union/Soma Chakra - A sound healing sojourn - empower your life with the transforming awakening of cellular healing memory and the arousal of body energy. Bring a blanket and mat for comfort. 
Group healing    (312) 280-9642    www.yoganowchicago.com

Crown Chakra w/ 2 Gongs’ (90m) 
Sunday, April 21 @ 7:00pm  Yoga View, 2211 N Elston Ave # 200  7:00 pm
Sacred Geometry - Sphere’ symbolizes completeness, unity and equality/ Crown Chakra - Using two Earth Gongs (M/F). Multi-tonal overtones (healing vibrations) and harmonic matrix that will evoke natural healing of mind, body and spirit. Anticipate healing, awakenings and miracles. 'Spiritual Gateway awakening' * bring a mat and blanket for comfort. 
healing    (773) 342-9642