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Luminous Living


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Luminous Living-Sacred Sound Healing

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- 45 min

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Cristin Stolfo ( interviews Richard Rudis (Karma Sonan Dorje-Tibetan Name)to discuss Sacred Sound Healing, how it is reflected in the Buddhist tradition, and how it can affect self-discovery and healing.

Mediafly: OAS 205 Tibetan Vibrational Healing with Richard Rudis ...
Jeffrey has a lovely conversation with Richard Rudis, owner of
Illuminarium Convergence, a purveyor of culturally significant artifacts
from the Himalayan ...
Part 1
Part 2

Alternatives Radio
Show #7: Richard Rudis - Sacred Sound and the Gong Bath Experience

Written Articles
Gong Bath: A Sound Experience

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Richard Rudis and the Dharmic Gong

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Sacred Sound CDs
Terma Yana CD Gong Bath
Listen to the following CD tracks:
Pilgrimage (metamorphosis)
Sacred Geometry (Yogin/Yogini)
Ullumination (refuge)

Being a Kundalini Yoga practioner, I find the use of the gong to open one's subconconscious mind to great healing and relaxation. This is a practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This wonderful CD is certainly a nice adjunct tool to achieving that same end. - Jay

Event Horizon - Gong Bath CD
Listen to the following CD tracks:

Gongs Unlimited, interview Issue 1: Thomas Jefferson,
Richard Rudis and the Dharmic Gong

A wonderful venue to hold events and share sacred space is the StarHouse, a temple nestled in the beauty of the Colorado Foothills.