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Tibetan ‘Lhatse’ Knife handle (woman's)
Culture: Buddhist     
Country of Origin : Tibet     
Artifact Age: 20th Century

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The Lhatse Knife (in this case only part of) is handcrafted, late 1900's and a traditional Tibetan Nomad Woman's Tribal Utility Knife. The delicate silver, brass and copper scabbard once housed a strong steel blade.  The ornate handle head remaining is a fine example of Tibetan metal craftsmanship. The scrolling floral designs are traditional and stands alone as a piece of art. Found recently within the Tibetan Barkhor in Lhasa. (larger images available upon request)        Size; 3 inches long x 2-1/4 inches wide - (TP14#2)

Price: $120.00 + shipping
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