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Shruti Box; drone Female/SOLD out
Culture: Hindu & Buddhist     
Country of Origin : India     
Artifact Age:

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A Shruti box is a beautiful and simple instrument to play. It produces a tonally rich drone background which is supportive of other instruments, voice and/or healing modality. It is hand-pumped creating a pulsating continuous harmonizing chord. Tuned chromatically it creates an entire octave of notes. Typically a Shruti box is tuned from C to C (Female) and G to G (Male). A male is tuned one octave lower than a female. Choosing which tuning is normally a matter of taste except when supporting a vocalist when matching the singer's vocal register is a concern. The few I managed to bring in from northern India are of the highest structural and tonal quality. Male Shruti; 16 across x 12 tall - $330.00 each. Female Shruti; 15 across x 10 tall - 300.00 each - plus shipping (supply is limited)

Price: $300.00 + shipping
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