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Malas; quality gemstones
Culture: Hindu & Buddhist     
Country of Origin : India     
Artifact Age: Other

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Each is hand made, composed of 109 beads, 24 inches in circumference with stunning energy. Special purchase - priced at 30.00 each. Clear Quartz- amplifies power of healing and protection Rose quartz - promotes peace, happiness and love Citrine - removes fear, protection and enhances psychism Jade (light green) - elevates wisdom, love and money Jade - enhances healing, longevity and protection Carnelian - think eloquence, protection and courage Labadorite - stimulates will, psychic abilities and transformation Tigereye - attracts money, protection and luck Amethyst - strengthens healing, happiness and love Lapis - promotion of joy, healing and courage Onyx - enriches magic, protection and courage also Garnet and White Rainbow

Price: $30.00 + shipping
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