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Mala, Rudraksha bead, SOLD
Culture: Hindu     
Country of Origin : India     
Artifact Age: 21st Century

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Rudraksha Mala, each bead is 3 faced w/natural wrathful protection faces - very special - representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Mala's are prayer beads used to keep count of Mantras prayers used to concentrate and protect the mind. There are 108 beads representing 108 books of Buddhist teachings. Their is often a 109th bead representing the Guru (teacher) size; 58" circumference & each bead is .50" diameter - very beautiful presence (11/04#24) - I have two Malas - one with 1/2 inch beads (average) & one with 5/8 inch bead average. Larger photos are available upon request.

Price: $150.00 + shipping
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