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Kalachakra union, powerful - SOLD
Culture: Buddhist     
Country of Origin : Tibet     
Artifact Age: 20th Century

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Kalacakra, Tantric Union, (Wheel of Time), extraordinary yidam of the highest Tantra. The central concern of the Kalachakra system is developing a view of time that ultimately defines time as timeless. A work of devotion, it is a one-of-a-kind piece having been made via the lost wax method. Highly detailed it is cast of copper and 18 kt gold burnished. Size: 8.75 inches high x 7.75 inches across and 3.75 inches deep. Exact age is uncertain but likely mid. 20th century. A beautiful example of spiritual craftsmanship - the bottom is still sealed and the Lama mark of blessing visible. (Jy04#11) Larger photos are available upon request.

Price: $700.00 + shipping
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