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Kali - Goddess of extreme power
Culture: Hindu     
Country of Origin : Nepal     
Artifact Age: 21st Century

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An extraordinary rupa in detail and presence - Kali, Wrathful Goddess/Mother who shallows the universe and makes it new. The goddess Kali prepares us for oneness. She devours smallness, pain, guilt and ego; all that we do not need. - As she grows darker, we grow lighter. Do not be afraid of the Black Mother, she will not hurt you but rather take on to herself that which would be harmful to you. Each of her arms carries a weapon or a symbol of negative attachment. This is the age of Kali, - it is the time of resurgence for the divine feminine spirit. The nurturer, the essence of Mother-love and feminine energy. size (large) 27" tall x 20" across x 12" deep - recently crafted ( 10/06#7) - larger photos available

Price: $2200.00 + shipping
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