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Yamantaka; Lama Dance Mask - SOLD
Culture: Buddhist     
Country of Origin : Tibet     
Artifact Age: 18th Century

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Yamantaka is a Dharma protector - the “Slayer of Death”. He is the wrathful form of Manjushri (Bodhisattva of Wisdom). There are many high Tantric text associated with him which centers on the transformation of anger energy into a pathway to further spiritual progress. This is a very rare mask made of copper with the lining of cloth still intact. Finds from Tibet like this are very difficult to come by (17 - 18th century) - powerful. (there is slight damage to the central skull in the crown) (04/08/#5) - size: 14.5" tall x 12.5" across x 4" deep - large images are available

Price: $3200.00 + shipping
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