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Green Tara, stunning
Culture: Buddhist     
Country of Origin : Nepal     
Artifact Age: 21st Century

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Green Tara; Healing and Protection Goddess. - Mother which emerged from the tears of the All - Compassionate Avalokitevara Buddha. The embodiment of compassion, she is associated with physical healing. In this unusual depiction the five Dhyani Buddhas (Buddhas of all healings) are found above her head. Made of porcelain (I guess) the age is unknown. She has lost the large toe on her left foot (the color of material is continuous) - I have reduced the price by 50.00 to compensate. Her powerful depiction and presence are intact. Size; 14.5" tall x 9.75" across x 3.5" deep. (07/05)

Price: $500.00 + shipping
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