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Singing Bowls, large, old, rare
Culture: Buddhist     
Country of Origin : Tibet     
Artifact Age: Other

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Large, old, individual and unique. Prices range from $700. to 850.00; sizes from 11 - 12 diameter x 5 to 5.75 tall. These ancient sacred sound objects were consciously created by monks as part of a spiritual path and used for physical/spiritual healing as well as ritual ceremonies. They are a minimum of one hundred years old and most likely hundreds of years old. Made of a seven metal alloy; gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead. The iron is held in highest esteem as it is collected from the Himalayan mountain tops and is known as 'the Thunderbolts of God'. Collected with honor by Tibetans especially for us. (price does not include cost of shipping)

Price: $700.00 + shipping
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