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Dakinis ‘Yeshe Tsogyal’ & ‘Tashi Kyedren’ - rare & very old
Culture: Buddhist     
Country of Origin : Tibet     
Artifact Age: 18th Century

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These rare and beautiful jewels are wisdom Dakini's from the Himalayas; Buddhist masters - two consorts of Padmasambhava and great tantric Buddhist teachers of Tibet; Dakini ‘Yeshe Tsogyal’ & ‘Tashi Kyedren’ Made of precious rosewood they appear to be once apart of a complex statue. 8 inches tall x 2 inches deep x 3.75 inches across - they are beautifully carved with great presence. (note - some damage on left consort lower garment) - Found together - sold together. Padmasambhava was accompanied by five major female tantric yogini's, the 'Five Wisdom Dakini's' or 'Five Consorts’ - each an emanation of Vajravarahi; Mandarava of Zahor - ‘Body’; Belwong Kalasiddhi ‘Quality’, Belmo Sakya Devi ‘Mind’, Yeshe Tsogyal ‘Speech’ and Tashi Kyedren ‘Activity’. Vajravarahi is the highest Tantra Yidam - her practice bestows understandings that transform ordinary life effects into spiritual pathways.

Price: $2000.00 + shipping
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