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Buddhist Statues

Vajra Dorje, beautiful $600.00   
  Culture: Buddhist     Country of Origin : Nepal
Artifact Age: 21st Century     
Vajra Dorje, a powerful Bodhisattva; a force over ignorance. He holds a Ganta Bell in his right hand and a Vajra in his left. The Ganta representin... more about this artifact

Vajrasattva (Vajra Hero) $900.00   
  Culture: Buddhist     Country of Origin : Tibet
Artifact Age: 20th Century     
Is the Bodhisattva of purification; an aspect of Buddha Vajradhara and shares the essential nature of Shakyamuni Buddha. Here he is seated on ... more about this artifact

Vajrasattva; Buddha of power $1600.00   
  Culture: Buddhist     Country of Origin : Nepal
Artifact Age: 20th Century     
Vajrasattva - this lovely rupa is 13.5 tall x 8.5 across x 5.5 deep. Created using the lost wax method in copper he is decorated with tiny gems... more about this artifact

Yam Raj; gatekepper of death SOLD $1590.00   
  Culture: Hindu & Buddhist     Country of Origin : Bhutan
Artifact Age: 18th Century     
A remarkable and powerful depiction of Yam Raj; Hindu God who is the judge of the dead, defeater of death. 18" high x 11" across x 7.25" deep. (jy... more about this artifact

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