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Manjushri - Himalayan Quartz $1600.00   
  Culture: Buddhist     Country of Origin : India
Artifact Age:     
Hand carved from high quality Himalayan quartz he is stunning at 8.5" tall x 3.5" deep x 5" across - weight 1.930 kilo. Blessed and powerful (shipp... more about this artifact

Shruti Box; drone Female/SOLD out $300.00   
  Culture: Hindu & Buddhist     Country of Origin : India
Artifact Age:     
A Shruti box is a beautiful and simple instrument to play. It produces a tonally rich drone background which is supportive of other instruments, v... more about this artifact

Traditional Tibetan Shirts2; men's medium/large $32.00   
  Culture: Buddhist     Country of Origin : Nepal
Artifact Age:     
These are heavy weight traditional Tibetan shirts fashioned after one I purchased while in Tibet in 1996 - a favorite. These where made in Nepal u... more about this artifact

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